About us

Hey guys. Welcome to toinge.com. You are on the about page on my site so you want to know some about me. Yeah alright, I am going to some tell about me. But before I will some show about toinge.com.

About toinge.com

toinge.com is a website where I share important information about WordPress, Blogging, Mobile, PC, Personal Development, Inspiration, Education and more interesting content. I hope you will like it and also share your love with me and my site.

So next question is –

Who I am?

Friends, my name is Pavan Patel and I am founder of toinge.com. I am 17year-old hopeful and dreamer. I like to do that thing who give me happiness and joy.


These day, I am at college level. I passed 12th from BSER in 2018. If you want to compare me with traditional education thinking than I do not have any answer because I don’t believe that Education shows success of anyone.

Who inspire me

Everyone who advises me and suggest. My mistakes plays important role in my life. Whenever someone ask me something than I feel that I can do more better than he has expect.

Thanks you.